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Virtual Smart Sensor Platform

Powered by Ultrasound | Optimized by Machine Learning

Virtual Proximity Sensor for Mobile

Virtual Gesture Sensors for Mobile, IoT, and VR

Virtual Presence Sensors for Mobile and IoT


Elliptic Labs’ INNER BEAUTY is a Virtual Proximity Sensor that enables exquisite full-screen devices by eliminating the need for traditional hardware sensors.

Until INNER BEAUTY’s debut, hardware-based optical sensors were an indispensable part of every smartphone, alerting the screen to turn off and disable touch functionality whenever a user was in call. With the rise of INNER BEAUTY—the world’s first software-based solution to match and exceed hardware performance — OEMs can reclaim their design integrity by eliminating the need for dedicated optical sensors as well as the unsightly black holes and thick bezels they required to function.

Elliptic Labs’ INNER BEAUTY Virtual Proximity Sensor delivers enhanced design and superior performance, with detection capped at 4–8 cm and a low power requirement of 1–3 mAmp.

Natural Gestures

Elliptic Labs offers robust natural touchless gesture support with 180-degree field of view and sub millimeter detection accuracy. Watch the video to see some of the gestures we can provide. Two of our more popular product lines are also showcased below.


INNER MAGIC Virtual Gesture Sensor is a patented, touch-free ultrasound gesture technology that enables simple, intuitive user interactions. INNER MAGIC virtual gesture sensors are powered by ultrasound and feature a 180-degree field of view, allowing users to perform natural hand movements in the air above, below, in front of, or to the side of their device.

This video demonstrates how INNER MAGIC can be used to allow users to take photos from up to six feet away. Double, single, and multi-tap gestures are just some of the possibilities we enable.


INNER REFLECTION Virtual Presence Sensor delivers presence-sensing capabilities to any device that possesses a speaker, microphone, and audio processor. Presence sensing can empower a device to: respond automatically when a user enters the room, adjust volume based on user distance, wake up when a user approaches, and save power by turning off appliances/lights when the room is empty. INNER REFLECTION allows users to interact with smart devices in the most natural way possible while offering the widest field of view compared to other sensing technologies and remaining insensitive to light.