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AAC Technologies and Elliptic Labs Partner to Deliver an Ultrasound Reference Design for Speakers and Receivers

Elliptic Labs, innovator in ultrasound virtual sensors, and AAC Technologies, the leader in audio components, today announced they have joined forces to deliver a reference design in which AAC smartphone audio components and mechanical structures are certified for ultrasonic frequencies, thus giving the mobile market a range of receivers which support audio and ultrasound.

Elliptic Labs INNER BEAUTY® Technology Behind New Smartisan Nut R1 Flagship Phone

The new Smartisan Nut R1 phone released today has a cleaner design and bigger display area thanks to Elliptic Labs’ INNER BEAUTY® ultrasound virtual proximity sensor. This AI-based virtual ultrasound sensor platform replaces the conventional infrared hardware proximity sensor, delivering the Smartisan Nut R1’s modern look.