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How It Works

How It Works

Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor™ platform delivers high performing, software-only sensors for mobile and IoT devices. Powered by ultrasound, our platform provides robust proximity, gesture, and presence detection capabilities.

The device’s speakers emit high frequency ultrasound waves.

The ultrasound waves bounce off the user’s hand, head, or body (depending on the use case) and reflect back to the device.

The reflected ultrasound waves are picked up by the device’s microphone and get interpreted by our virtual sensors.

Core Technology — Software Only

Elliptic Labs’ Virtual Smart Sensor Platform is an optimized toolset that enables OEMs to rapidly integrate and deploy advanced sensor-fusion detectors powered by machine learning. Our platform integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence with our proprietary sensor-fusion algorithms to deliver robust and expansive performance.

It is time for the world to grow beyond single sensors and their narrow field of use. By combining multiple sensor inputs with our breakthrough artificial intelligence technology, Elliptic Labs delivers Virtual Smart Sensors that significantly improve device performance and enhance user experience. Our platform can even eliminate the need for traditional sensor hardware in some cases!

This proprietary machine-learning infrastructure delivers models that work in all scenarios and across a large set of devices. Founded on over decade of experience in creating immersive gestural experiences through sensor fusion, our platform uses Elliptic Labs’ well-established expertise in signal processing to extract features from raw sensor output and determine critical inputs while eliminating unnecessary information. Our Virtual Smart Sensor Platform creates the industry’s smallest footprint while maximizing device efficiency.

Benefits of Ultrasound

Above Optical and Electromagnetic Technologies

Long Range

5-meter presence detection radius

Low Power

Sub 1 mA

Wide Field of View

Does not need careful orientation


Only listens to high-frequency sound—no visuals captured!


Works in all lighting conditions