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Android Developer

Job Locations:
Oslo, Norway


Did you know that our technology is already implemented in 50 million mobile phones from some of the largest mobile manufacturers in the world? Did you know that our technology is moving into other consumer electronics both at home and on the road? That we have offices in Norway, the USA and several cities in Asia? And that we are one of Norway’s leading technology companies in signal processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Our goal is for our technology to revolutionize:

  • Smartphones and other display devices
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart home devices
  • IoT
  • The automotive industry

We develop solutions for the detection of hand gestures, humans, and movements using ultrasound, in combination with other sensors. Our products use advanced signal processing and algorithms based on machine learning. The technology is helping to change how the telephone and electronics industry can deliver new innovative user experiences for human interaction with devices.

With us, you will care about tasks that deal with everything from application programming to user experience. We have a strong focus on architecture design, infrastructure and machine learning.

Do you want to join our fun gang on the journey further into the future of technology?

If so, we can offer challenging and varied tasks in a flexible, fast-paced work environment. We process applications continuously, so send us an application as soon as possible.

Job Requirements

  • Programming in Java focusing on the latest Android SDK
  • Develop applications for data collection for machine learning
  • Develop demos and applications to showcase our algorithms and user experiences
  • Developing internal tools and building environment: Azure DevOps

Required Experience

  • Bachelor or Master of Information Technology, Computer or other relevant experience
  • Java programming experience, Android SDK
  • Experience with Android Studio and build and layout tools for Android: Gradle & XML
  • Basic Knowledge of Android Open Source Project (AOSP)
  • Knowledge of modern programming and software design practices: MVC, MVP, MVVM or Observer Pattern
  • Knowledge of Dependency Injection Framework: Dagger 2
  • Basic experience with Android Room, SQLite
  • Knowledge of version control: Git, CVS, SVN or similar
  • Experience writing unit tests

Please send your resume and cover letter to careers@ellipticlabs.com.



Elliptic Labs是面向智能手机, IoT和汽车行业的AI虚拟传感器的全球公司和全球领导者. Elliptic Labs使用机器学习和/或传感器相融合来提供关键的用户体验, 将超声波与现有设备传感器的数据结合起来, 生产出更智能, 更环保, 更安全, 更直观的设备. 这使得制造商无需红外, 雷达和飞行时间的硬件传感器, 节省原始设备制造商的组件成本并释放设计空间. AI虚拟智能传感器平台™提供360度精确的存在检测, 呼吸检测和无触摸手势交互. Elliptic Labs的总部位于挪威, 还在美国, 中国, 韩国和日本运营. 勤奋, 创新, 开放, 正直的共同核心价值观激励着公司的全球员工. 更多详细信息, 请访问:www.ellipticlabs.com.


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KimberPR for Elliptic Labs
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