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VP of Sales

Job Location:
San Francisco, CA


The Vice President of Sales is responsible for the direction and management of all sales and sales operations, including market competitiveness, pricing, and compensation. The VP Sales will drive our company’s customer acquisition achievements and revenue goals.

Elliptic Labs is a well-funded, pre-IPO company that leads the Virtual Smart Sensor™ technology for the smartphone and IoT markets. We employ talent in San Francisco CA, China, Korea, Japan, and Norway. This position is based in San Francisco CA.

Primary Duties

Oversee the hiring and development of a global sales organization, appropriate to the maturity and size of our company

  • Be a role model for the company culture
  • Establish compensation, training, and sales incentive programs
  • Work closely with CEO to develop and execute lead & tradeshow programs
  • Work closely with the CEO and drive the development of sales strategies
  • Execute sales strategies and close deals directly with customers
  • Work closely with the VP of Business Development to manage, develop, and establish direct channel and distribution strategies/programs.
  • Maintain key customer relationships and develop/close new business opportunities
  • Manage overall sales process, set appropriate metrics for sales funnel management
  • Develop pricing policies, including volume discounts and terms and conditions, for high-profile customers

Job Requirements

5–10 years management experience in sales, business development, and marketing with experience in software technology working at or with OEMs/ODMs

  • Experience selling software and/or hardware to OEMs
  • C-level relationship & established network with smartphone and chipset manufacturers, at companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, TCL, Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek
  • Independently drive and close deals in a highly complex environment
  • Ability to manage and track multiple discussions with and deliverables to large prospective partners and customers, working across organizational functions ranging from engineering to marketing to executive levels

Education: BSEE/BSCS required, MBA preferred.

Please send your resume and cover letter to: sf-careers@ellipticlabs.com

* Be aware that Elliptic Labs cannot offer sponsorship to its employees or potential employees.


Elliptic Labs是一家全球性公司,是智能手机,物联网和汽车行业AI虚拟传感器的全球领导者。 我们使用机器学习和/或传感器融合技术对产品进行转换,将超声波与现有设备传感器的数据相结合,生成更智能、更环保、更安全、更直观的设备。 这使我们无需使用红外线,雷达和飞行时间硬件传感器,从而节省OEM组件成本并释放设计空间。 我们的AI虚拟智能传感器平台™提供精确的存在感应,并实现无接触手势控制,如滚动、靠近和双击 - 软件现已部署在超过3000万台设备中。 展望未来,我们致力于通过我们的人工智能平台为更多行业提供支持,并与行业共同构建更强大的人工智能生态系统。


Aoife Kimber
KimberPR for Elliptic Labs
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