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Business Development Director

Job Location:
San Francisco, CA


Elliptic Labs is a pre-IPO company and the leader in Virtual Smart Sensor™ technology for smartphones and the IoT market. The Business Development Director will serve an important role managing the global contracting of Elliptic Labs’ technology to existing and potential partners. We seek an astute, enthusiastic individual to govern our partner interfacing. Elliptic Labs is a well-funded company with presence in the USA, China, Korea, Japan, and Norway. This position is based in San Francisco.

The Business Development Director will identify, evaluate, and recommend potential partners for Elliptic Labs, as well as analyze, model, and structure deal parameters and terms. The director will also work with members of the marketing, engineering, legal, and sales teams to track key tasks, facilitate product and partner objectives, manage deals, align road maps, launch new strategies, and increase overall sales revenues by expanding our presence to new markets and customers.

The director must have excellent business negotiation, writing, and presentation skills, and be adept at modeling markets and forecasting opportunities. They should work easily in Microsoft Office as well as general sales/project-management tools such as Slack. Finally, they must have great enthusiasm for new technology.

Primary Duties

  • Identify, evaluate, and recommend prospective business partners
  • Analyze, model, and structure the most optimal deal for each partner
  • Develop detailed financial projections for each partnership
  • Gain an understanding of the business and technical aspects of competing products to create deal structures that surpass them
  • Develop strategic presentations for delivery to partners and internal key stakeholders, including OEM customers and component/technology partners
  • Negotiate license, evaluation, nondisclosure, and development agreements.
  • Coordinate business development efforts with engineering and legal teams to obtain assistance while efficiently managing our internal resources
  • Manage projects, track partner communications, and oversee deliverables
  • Respond to inquiries/requests from prospective partners
  • Track the performance of each partnership against key targets to manage and build existing partnerships over time

Job Requirements

  • 7–10+ years management experience in business development, consulting, and strategic planning
  • Experience working at or with OEMs
  • Experience selling software and developing relationships with companies such as Qualcomm, Google, Amazon, Synaptics, and AAC technologies
  • Experience with HMI (Human Machine Interaction) and Usability product development
  • Ability to manage and track multiple, large prospective partners, especially their discussions and deliverables
  • Ability to work across organizational levels, from engineering to marketing to executive
  • Strong technology expertise
  • Strategic thinking and keen negotiating skills
  • Strong market and business modeling/analysis skills
  • Excellent presentation skills (PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Clear writing style and strong communication skills
  • Passion for new technology
  • Collaborative team spirit and approach
  • Efficient and disciplined self-starter work habits
  • Mandarin/Japanese/Korean fluency appreciated
  • Travel 30% to include customer & partner visits

Please send your resume and cover letter to: sf-careers@ellipticlabs.com

* Be aware that Elliptic Labs cannot offer sponsorship to its employees or potential employees.



Elliptic Labs是面向智能手机, IoT和汽车行业的AI虚拟传感器的全球公司和全球领导者. Elliptic Labs使用机器学习和/或传感器相融合来提供关键的用户体验, 将超声波与现有设备传感器的数据结合起来, 生产出更智能, 更环保, 更安全, 更直观的设备. 这使得制造商无需红外, 雷达和飞行时间的硬件传感器, 节省原始设备制造商的组件成本并释放设计空间. AI虚拟智能传感器平台™提供360度精确的存在检测, 呼吸检测和无触摸手势交互. Elliptic Labs的总部位于挪威, 还在美国, 中国, 韩国和日本运营. 勤奋, 创新, 开放, 正直的共同核心价值观激励着公司的全球员工. 更多详细信息, 请访问:www.ellipticlabs.com.


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