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Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer

Job Locations:
Oslo, Norway


Elliptic Labs is the world leader in touchless Ultrasound Gestures and Proximity Sensing for the mobile market. Elliptic Labs technology makes mobile devices more intuitive to use while delivering a cleaner design. We work with the world’s largest OEMs, chipset providers and component suppliers to create a new paradigm in natural user interfaces. Our patented touchless gesture technology is powered by ultrasound and the only technology that delivers touchless 3D high-resolution features, integrated into small portable devices. Our ultrasound-based Virtual Proximity Sensor has enabled Xiaomi to build the Mix smartphone series, which has set the standard of bezel-less smartphone design after its launch in September 2016.

Elliptic Labs is seeking the brightest minds to continue our trendsetting advances in deep machine learning and cloud-computing AI. Candidates for the position of Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer must be well versed in scripting and networking, and have a solid understanding of machine learning processes (e.g. data cleanup, preprocessing, parallel computing). A passion for clean dashboards and insightful visuals is a definite plus!

Elliptic Labs is the world leader in ultrasound proximity and touchless gesture interaction for mobile devices. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is designed to store and process vast sets of machine-learning records for rapid, intelligent technology growth. The Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer will further develop this infrastructure and maintain our edge in the AI-for-sensors space.

This opening is based in Oslo, Norway. Candidates must be able to relocate to Oslo and obtain the necessary work permissions on their own.

Job Requirements

  • Automate and optimize software development tools and processes through design innovation, operation, and management
  • Maximize the efficiency and reliability of the Machine Learning pipeline (data collection, tagging, preprocessing, training, and testing)
  • Supervise software builds and deployment pipelines for maximal performance and continuous delivery
  • Support robot testing processes for functional and performance-based product evaluation
  • Maintain general IT services (e.g. VPN, Domain Server, Software Licensing, Internal network)
  • Provide DevOps support for team developers
  • Setup and maintain hardware for build servers and office workstations

Required Experience

  • BSc degree in computer science (or equivalent)
  • Programming expertise in Python, C++, and Java
  • Experience with modern deployment tools: e.g. Git, VSTS, Jenkins
  • Familiarity with build systems and agile development
  • Fluent written and oral communication skills in English and/or Norwegian
  • Ability to design and document systems

Please send your resume and cover letter to careers@ellipticlabs.com.

* Be aware that Elliptic Labs cannot offer sponsorship to its employees or potential employees.

关于Elliptic Labs

Elliptic Labs的非光学AI虚拟智能传感器平台不断改善着整个智能手机和物联网市场的设计和用户体验。 其INNER BEAUTY III AI虚拟接近传感技术可通过仅使用软件接近感应替换红外硬件传感器,实现全屏设计的最薄边框。 Elliptic Labs还为消费电子设备提供在线感应和无接触的用户体验,自然地扩展了人类与设备之间的交互方式。 与摄像头或其他传感技术相比,该技术提供了高分辨率、180度环绕式交互和低功耗的最佳组合。 Elliptic Labs是一家私人控股公司,总部位于挪威,在美国和中国设有办事处。