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Elliptic Labs Launches Ultra-Fast Touchless Gesturing for Mobile Devices; Working Up to Seven Feet from Screen

Mar 3, 2015 | News

Latest Breakthrough — Ideal for Taking Selfies, Using Camera and Gaming on Phones

Mobile World Congress — Barcelona, Spain and San Francisco, Calif. — Elliptic Labs, the leader in ultrasonic touchless gesturing for consumer electronics, today announced another first in its latest technology advances: “Ultra-fast, Ultra-far Interaction”; split-second speed and a remarkably large field of response for touchless gesturing. These breakthroughs enable OEMs to make mobile phones and other products that deliver the fastest, most natural and easiest interface currently available. Visitors to the Elliptic Labs booth (Hall 6- 6H20) Innovation Norway Pavilion at Mobile World Congress will get to see this technology live.

Elliptic Labs’ ultrasonic gesture technology has been made exponentially faster, allowing devices to precisely respond a fraction of a second after gesture commands are given. In addition to the enhanced speed and accuracy, the technology now works further away from the screen, at up to two meters or seven feet away and 180 degrees around a device screen. This makes it ideal not only for mobile devices but also for other vertical markets such as automotive and appliance.

These latest enhancements to Elliptic Labs’ ultrasound technology put this touchless gesture interface solution at the leading edge in today’s market in terms of response time, pinpoint accuracy and reactive distance. Just one example of how the technology will appeal to consumers is in taking photos and snapping selfies, which studies have shown now account for 90 percent of all phone photos taken. In addition, gaming on mobile devices becomes more accurate, immediate and fun.

According to Elliptic Labs CEO Laila Danielsen, “This technology first is an excellent example of a capability that, once you have it, you can’t live without it. Besides its performance advantages, our ultrasonic touchless gesturing approach has been designed to adapt to the way humans live and interact with devices — making it easier and more intuitive to navigate and retrieve information from mobile devices. Users get immediate feedback on how phones, wearables and other devices have responded to gestures.”

With Elliptic Labs’ technology, photos can be taken with an effortless and quick gesture several feet away from the subject. The technology also gives users a more flexible way of recording videos without the need to touch the phone for starting and stopping.

These latest advances build on the recently launched Multi-Layer Interaction (MLI) capability from Elliptic Labs, which adds a new dimension to the user interface. OEMs can utilize these new advances through Elliptic Labs’ software developer kit (SDK) and product development kit (PDK).

Ultra-Fast Ultra-Far Interaction Product Video

Multi Layer Interaction Product Video


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