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US Debut of First SDK for Touchless Gesturing on Android Smartphones Using Ultrasound from Elliptic Labs

Jan 2, 2014 | News

At CES, smartphones show touchless gesturing that responds to natural hand movements around and beyond a device screen at 180 degrees.

CES, Las Vegas and Palo Alto, CA — Elliptic Labs, the leader in ultrasonic touchless gesturing, brings the first SDK for touchless gesturing on Android smartphones using ultrasound to the US with a hands-on demo at CES. Visitors to CES in Las Vegas on January 7-10 will have a chance to try out the technology live on a smart phone at the Murata booth #36231 — South Hall 4 Upper Level.

“Elliptic Labs delivers touchless gesturing in a natural way all around the screen of a smart phone, tablet or laptop at 180 degrees, using the movements you use in daily life. Now, with our software SDK, we are giving smartphone manufacturers a way to easily and cost effectively include consumer-friendly touchless gesturing in their devices,” said Laila Danielsen, CEO, Elliptic Labs. “Elliptic Labs transforms touchless gesturing into a whole new platform with a more natural, human style of interaction. It enhances the way you interact with your favorite applications, such as browsing through pictures, social media and games like Fruit Ninja or Subway Surfer; it uses little power, and works in low light or in the dark. With our high resolution, you will have an accurate, consistent touchless gesturing experience anywhere. We expect our ultrasonic touchless gesturing to be available in devices in 2014.”


How Elliptic Labs’ ultrasonic touchless gesturing works
Elliptic Labs’ technology differs from any other touchless gesturing technologies in the market because it uses sound waves to detect movements, not cameras or infra-red. With ultrasound, 3D gestures can be made all around a device providing a clear view of the screen, without a user’s hand covering the screen display or having to work hard to find the exact point to hover over. It is the only solution in the market that can deliver 3D touchless gesturing at 180 degrees all around the screen of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Elliptic Labs Smartphone SDK is available today from sales@ellipticlabs.com

About Elliptic

Elliptic Labs delivers ultrasonic touchless gesturing for consumer devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones enabling consumer electronic devices to respond to natural hand movements all around a screen at 180 degrees. Ultrasound offers the best combination of high resolution, wide field of view and low power consumption compared to camera or 3D technologies. The company has also formed partnerships with Murata Manufacturing and Wolfson Microelectronics. Elliptic Labs uses Wolfson’s ultra-low power WM5110 HD Audio SoC. Elliptic Labs is a privately held company with offices in Palo Alto, CA and Oslo, Norway.

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