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Elliptic Labs Touts Benefits of Microphones for Touchless Gesturing Over Camera-based Solutions

Jan 4, 2013 | News

Elliptic Labs Delivers Touchless Gesturing Solution at Scale

CES, Las Vegas, NV — Elliptic Labs, the leader in ultrasonic touchless gesturing for consumer electronics devices today announced that it will be using Knowles Electronics’ specially designed tiny, low-powered microphones to deliver touchless gesturing capabilities. The Knowles microphones are especially suited for small, portable products that are sensitive to power consumption.

“The role of the microphone in touchless gesturing solutions is key because microphones extend coverage from the sound spectrum (0-20kHz) to the ultrasound spectrum (above 20kHz). It means that devices can “read” touchless signals in the dark and use 95% less power than camera-based solutions,” said Tobias Dahl, Chief Technical Officer at Elliptic. “We are using a specially designed tiny, low-powered microphone designed by Knowles Electronics that is especially suited for small portable products, minimizes power consumption and is uniquely sensitive in the ultrasound spectrum.”

Ultrasound holds many advantages over such alternate technologies as capacitive based products, including increased interaction volume and higher resolution. The Elliptic Labs solution also consumes much less power than camera-based alternatives and provide gestures at the sides and above the terminal, enabling unique use-cases for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

“With all of the advantages we are providing, we are seeing significant interests from Tier1 OEMs, carriers and the automotive industry for our recently launched solution for touchless gesture recognition.” said Laila Danielsen, VP of business development at Elliptic.

Elliptic will be demoing touchless gesturing at the Consumer Electronic Show 2013, in Las Vegas at the Murata booth: 35818 LVCC South Hall 4 Upper Level. The technology is available today and OEMs can purchase a starter-kit from Elliptic that includes an Elliptic SDK with hardware that includes Knowles Electronics microphones and Murata transmitters.

About Elliptic

Elliptic Labs is a privately held company with offices in Palo Alto, California and Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2006 by serial entrepreneurs and doctors from the signal-processing environment at the University of Oslo, the company’s initial research background was in echo-management systems for multi-antenna mobile communication. Today, Elliptic deliver robust, natural touchless gesturing that is adaptive to the human style of interaction for consumer devices by using patented ultrasonic touchless gesturing software for all PCs, tablets and smartphones to be used anywhere, anytime!

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