Ultrasound Gestures and Proximity Sensing for the Mass Market


Elliptic Labs technology makes mobile devices more intuitive to use while delivering a cleaner design

How It Works

A speaker or earpiece sends an ultrasonic wave that bounces off the body and is recorded by the microphone. The distance and motion of the reflecting object can be measured by analyzing the echo.

Gesture Portfolio

The SDK kit supports a range of controls that enable you to create disruptive ways to interact with your devices and applications, and create your own gestures.


Elliptic Labs’ efficient algorithms run smoothly even on computationally limited devices: gesture detection can be performed on an ARM application processor or with a low-powered DSP (including while the phone is asleep).



BEAUTY Ultrasound Proximity Software

Ultrasound Sensorless Proximity

Hardware-based optical sensors have been an indispensable part of every smartphone to turn off the screen and disable touch functionality when a user holds a device to their ear. By replacing these hardware components with Elliptic Labs’ “BEAUTY”—the first software-based solution to replace the optical proximity sensor—the unsightly black holes on the front of the smartphone will be removed. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing design.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Smartphone Gestures


Elliptic Labs offers a comprehensive suite of demo-apps to show relevant use-cases for ultrasonic gesture recognition. The SDK includes sample code that is easy to integrate into any application.


Double Tap

Double Tap Lockscreen


Better Design & Visual Appeal


Elliptic Labs’ software can be added to any device using only a standard speaker and microphone. There is no need for unsightly holes or openings, allowing OEMs to deliver Elliptic Labs’ suite of experiences to their customers while reducing costs.