Windows 8 Gesture Suite

The Windows 8 Gesture Suite takes advantages of the powerful new touchless gesturing technology from Elliptic Labs and brings touchless gesturing to Windows 8. The Windows 8 Gesture Suite give the user the touchless version of all the gestures already known from Windows 8 and allows the user to interact in an even more natural way without having to touch the screen. Find out more 

Elliptic SDK Windows

Elliptic labs SDK provides a rich and robust toolkit to incorporate natural gestures into your product. The SDK supports a range of controls that enables you to create disruptive new ways to interact and make your product special. The set of controls allows you to use hand gestures for scrolling, selecting, rotating objects and controlling menus. The kit also allows you to create your own gestures using the trajectory control. Find out more 


Elliptic SDK Android

Elliptic’s SDK for Android provides a rich and robust support that enables you to incorporate natural gestures into your devices.

  • • You can populate controls in 3D space
  • • It´s easy to integrate into your application
  • • Includes example code

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