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Elliptic Labs mission is to deliver robust natural touchless gesturing that is adaptive to the human style of interaction. We enable ultrasonic touchless gesturing for all PCs, tablets and smartphones to be used anywhere-anytime!

We enable sensor manufacturers, OEMs, chipset manufacturers and application developers to leverage ultrasound gesture recognition in a variety of applications, and are confident that both laptops, smartphones and tablets will use ultrasound gesturing as a differentiator in the near future.


Natural touchless gesturing for laptops has been our first priority, since the large screen area allows high resolution ultrasonic sensor configuration. We have experience with several sensor configurations. We currently recommend  a configuration of several microphones and  ultrasound transducers for use of our high-end gestures, although configurations as far down as a single ultrasonic microphone and speaker can be used for more basic gesturing.


Smartphones are ubiquitous, and follow us in direct sunshine, in darkness and in all possible user situations. Another characteristic of smartphones is the dependency on long battery life, and low power is essential.

Ultrasound has clear benefits in usability, power consumption and ease of use.


A tablet has the benefit of a large screen for simpler sensor placement, but share the power restrictions of a smartphone. Touchless ultrasound gestures can complement the touch-screen by enabling casual interaction, gaming and productivity enhancements, all in a user friendly way.

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