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Elliptic SDK

Unleash the power of touchless gesturing in your products. Elliptic’s SDK provides a rich and robust toolkit that enables you to incorporate natural gestures into your device.


  • Populate controls in 3D space
  • Easy to integrate into your application
  • Example code

The SDK supports a range of controls that enables you to create disruptive new ways to interact and make your product special. The set of controls allows you to use hand gestures for scrolling, selecting, rotating objects and controlling menus. The kit also allows you to create your own gestures using the trajectory control


The Select Control enables you to do select or highlight actions. The Select Control can be configured with one or more selection zones.

Horizontal scroll

The Scroll Control enables the user to perform touchless scroll interaction along the horizontal axis. Elements can be specified to snap to position.

Vertical scroll

The Scroll Control enables the user to perform touchless scroll interaction along the vertical axis.

Drop down menus

Enable menus by dragging them in from top, bottom or the sides of the screen. The menu control can be combined with the select control into a complete touchless select menu.


The Rotate Control is controlled by circular movement of your hand in 3D space. It can be set up to be sensitive to rotations around the x, y, or z-axis, or it can automatically detect which of the relevant axes. Perfect for controlling volume, quickly scroll up and down lists, or browse open applications.select menu.

Trajectory control

The trajectory Control enables the user to define its own gestures. The trajectory is specified through a series of boxes. The user will then have to move the hand through these boxes to complete the gesture. The video shows undo & redo functionality in a Word processor.

Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 8 (x64)
Form Factor Laptop 13 inch
Programing Languages C++
Supported IDE Visual Studio 2010 and 2012
Supported Gestures Select, scroll, rotate, drop-down menus andtrajectory control.
Application Samples Examples for each control
Ultrasound Sensor Requirements 8 microphones 2-6 transducers
Microphone Sampling Requirement 96kHz
Operating Center Frequency 40kHz
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